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5 MMA Fighters That You Might Be Able To Beat Up

This list of fighters are those that have either been exposed or have had no success at all. It is possible that even a ‘keyboard warrior’ might even have a chance against them.

1. Jason Thacker

Thacker was on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ season 1 and did not show much promise at all. He was most famous on the show for not making it through workouts at all and Chris Leben ‘spraying’ a trinkle of urine on his bed in the house. He later fought Chris Leben and was easily taken out in less than 2 minutes. If anyone has any training in wrestling or kickboxing, this bout would be not very hard at all.

2. Cody McKenzie

McKenzie is a fighter that is known as a ‘one-trick pony’ he is specialized in the ‘McKenzotine’ (which is a version of the guillotine that he turns his hand around to apply pressure with his forearm better). He actually started out his career 11-0 with most of them being by guillotine. His achilles heel was exposed on the show when Nam Phan hit him in the body. If McKenzie takes a decent shot to his body at all, he drops. All someone would have to avoid is him getting a hold of you and the body shot is there for the taking.

3. Dada 5000

Dada 5000 is a street fighter that has tested himself in the MMA cage. He does have brutal knockout power, but no cardio at all. In his last fight with Kimbo Slice, he fell over from exhaustion and later had a heart-attack. The best thing for him is just to run a few miles, learn some defensive striking, grapple for a little bit and he will eventually fall over and will hopefully live through it. Just make sure ‘Not to spike his water!’

4. Kenneth Allen

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With a 1-37 record, Kenneth Allen deserves credit for his ‘never say die’ attitude. Somehow fight promotions keep giving him fights. He last fought in January of 2015 and hopefully promotions will stop booking him. If you want to pad up a soft MMA record, Allen is the fight for you.

5. Scott Blevins

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Scott Blevins unfortunately never won an MMA fight and was 0-17. He fought hard for 4 years and was finished every time. His longest fight ever was just over 2 minutes long. Have to give him credit for trying. It seems like it would be sad to even fight him. It’s the same situation as Allen where you wonder why fighters were just padding their records.

With all of these fighters, by no means are they wimps or ‘pussies’ because of their records or performances. They put it on the line and tried. It is just not guaranteed that they would win a street-fight against a casual man that they would get in an altercation with.