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5 Reasons Why Edmond Tarverdyan Should Apply For A Job At Costco


Edmond Tarverdyan is Ronda Rousey’s head coach and he is now blamed for the downfall of Rousey’s career. Tarverdyan does have a legitimate striking background and has even had 2 MMA bouts. His fighting background is not what is in question, it is his coaching that is highly in question.

Ronda Rousey seemed as if she would go down as the best women’s MMA fighter ever. Her judo skills and work ethic took her far places and she discovered punching power later in her career. The mistake that Rousey made is that she got overconfident with her hands and tried to compete against amazing strikers. Holly Holm is the most decorated striker in women’s MMA and Rousey continually rushed in with punches thinking that she would catch holm and ended up paying the price for it with her own consciousness.

Below and on the next few pages are the 5 reasons why Edmond Tarverdyan should quit being an MMA and striking coach and should just apply for a job at Costco.

5. The Decline Of Jake Ellenberger


Jake Ellenberger was one of the top welterweights in the world and was 8-2 in the UFC. Ellenberger joined Tarverdyan’s gym and ended up with a 1-5 record with Tarverdyan. He then left Taverdyan’s gym and ended up getting one of the biggest wins of his career against the very tough Matt Brown in the 1st round.

Some might say that Ellenberger had tougher competition, but he was beating fighters like Jake Shields earlier in his UFC career. It is certain that Ellenberger will never return to Taverdyan’s gym. If he ends up heading back there, it would be the worst mistake of his career. People saw Rousey’s success and figured that they could also become world champions, but that was not the case at all.

4. Travis Browne’s Career Also Went To Shit


Travis Browne is Ronda Rousey’s current lover and even left his wife for Rousey in the process. Browne left Jackson’s fight camp (arguably one of the greatest fight camps in the world) to go to Tarverdyan’s gym. Browne had a 6-1-1 start to his UFC career at Jackson’s and is 2-4 since training with Tarverdyan.

With Rousey most likely retiring, it will be interesting to see if Browne sticks with Tarverdyan when it comes to training for his fights. Browne has definitely had tough competition as of late, but Tarverdyan has not helped Browne evolve his game much. Browne has actually became one of the laughing stocks of MMA. Derrick Lewis might have just called Browne out because Browne is a big name, but he has not evolved his fight game.

3. Edmond’s Advice To Rousey During The Nunes Fight

As shown above, it is uncertain as to why Tarverdyan gave such vague and repetitive advice to Rousey during her fight with Amanda Nunes. He even yelled “jab, jab” while Rousey was getting her face beat in and did not tell her to move away or circle. Tarverdyan just gives terrible advice and does not belong in the corner of any UFC cage.

Tarverdyan claims to know what he is talking about, but he was just trying to benefit from Rousey’s fame. It will be interesting to see who will even want to go to Tarverdyan now that his terrible coaching has been exposed. He clearly is not equipped with the training or knowledge to be an all out MMA coach. People will find better success elsewhere and the numbers continue to prove it.

2. His Lack Of Professionalism


In the picture above, this is when Fabricio Werdum kicked Edmond for continually swearing at him after his bout with Travis Browne. It was rather strange and was some of the most annoying swearing that has ever been heard. It is extremely unprofessional for a coach to come over after a fight and scream his head off towards a fighter. In the real world, this type of behavior would not translate in any type of business world very well. A place like Costco could be his only option.

Rousey is one of the only reasons why Tarverdyan’s gym is still running. It is doubtful that much will come of it especially if Rousey decides to retire. Tarverdyan is not respected in the MMA world and it will be hard for him to get any type of job because of his bizarre actions in the spotlight. He really is a strange individual.

1. Because If He Gets Mad At Work, He Can Always Resort To Angry Masturbation In The Employee Bathroom


Edmond is a very angry man. He has displayed it during and after UFC fights, but showed his true colors on The Ultimate Fighter when Ronda Rousey coached against Miesha Tate. Tarverdyan always had a chip on his shoulder and would get mad at the littlest things.

At Costco, he could end up snapping at a customer, but luckily for him, he can always resort to the employee bathroom where he can diffuse himself. Masturbation is proven to relieve stress and Edmond could use a lot more angry masturbation in his life. It is an employee’s right to use the bathroom at any time and he would have to exercise that right quite a bit.

We will see in time if Tarverdyan will apply for a job at Costco. He has been an embarrassment to himself in the MMA community and it is about time that he should do something else with his life.