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American Kickboxing Academy: The Factory Of Injured Fighters


UFC 206 took a hard blow last week when Daniel Cormier was injured and forced to pull out from the main event. All eyes turned to the American Kickboxing Academy, after all, they have a record number of injured fighters over the years.

This is the second time Daniel Cormier leaves a card in 2016. The other 3 big names in the team are Cain Velasquez, Luke Rockhold and Khabib Nurmagomedov and they also have a record of injuries.

So, should we really blame the gym and its practices? It’s hard to tell without having information on what goes on there on a daily basis. However, it is possible to go to the numbers and compare their injuries to those of other major gyms over the years.

Here’s a breakdown of eleven of the biggest gyms in MMA. Their scheduled fights and the number of injured fighters who had to pull out from their bout.

Team Fighters Fights Scheduled Injuries Percentage
AKA 8 111 24 21.6%
Serra-Longo 4 48 9 18.75%
Nova Uniao 12 135 20 14.81%
Blackzillians 10 97 14 14.43%
Roufusport 8 87 11 12.64%
Blackhouse 11 134 16 11.94%
Tristar 16 152 14 9.21%
American Top Team 12 219 19 8.67%
Jackson Wink MMA 26 353 30 8.49%
Alpha Male 8 120 7 5.83%
Alliance MMA 12 164 7 4.26%

So there it is, the numbers do indicate that AKA has the highest number of injured fighters in the game. But that is not enough information to blame it on the gym. Age could be considered a factor, Cormier is 37, Velasquez is 34 and Rockhold is 32. Plus Khabib who despite being 28 has faced more trouble with injuries than the other 3 stars.

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