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Aldo: “McGregor Is A P***y, He Was Never The Champion”


Just like a child that only acts tough when hiding behind his parents, Jose Aldo is all talk now that McGregor is out of the picture and he’s best buddies with Dana White again.

On Saturday, the UFC’s announced that Conor McGregor “had relinquished” the featherweight title. Three days later, the once again “undisputed” champion Jose Aldo has decided it is now safe to act tough and talk smack about the man who knocked him out cold and took his belt.

“I was always the champion and will always be as long as I’m in the featherweight division. No matter what happens, I will always be the champion. I had no doubt about it. The moment I lost, I knew the belt would be mine. It was a matter of time. It’s not the way I wanted, but I’m happy because I know I’m the champion.”

“To me, I never stopped being champion. I lost that fight because of an accident. I knew that I would win a rematch, that I would be champion again. It’s not my fault that he’s such a pu–y he was never the champion. I don’t see myself losing to anyone in this division or any other (division).”

McGregor KO Aldo

What do you mean that punch doesn’t look like an accident? Jose Aldo claims to be confident on winning a rematch and says is a fight he will look for even if he has to go up to lightweight to get it.

“First, I want to defend my title, and then go after a fight with him (at lightweight),” Aldo said. “Just like Dana (White) said, we can choose who we want to fight, so I want to fight him. That’s what will happen.”

Do you feel like reliving the KO to make sure it wasn’t an accident?

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