A super fight between Jones and Silva is something MMA fans have long fantasized about .. a battle between the planet’s two most successful fighters in UFC history.

We know Silva is on a two-fight losing streak, and Jones has racked up 11 straight wins since 2010, but when the Spider stepped in to spar with Bones, the MMA world got excited.

No super fight inside the UFC Octagon – yet still exhilarating to witness two all-time world champions sharing a mat, showing off their MMA skills against each other.’s Guilherme Cruzabout caught up with Silva, who took the time chat about training with Jones. The very classy Silva was very complimentary towards Jones and his skills as a mixed-martial artist.

“We were both in Las Vegas, and it (sparring) happened,” Silva told Cruz. “It was a normal training, he did a few things, and I did a few things. It was a tough training for both of us. We learned a lot. He taught me a few things I didn’t know, I gave him a few tips. I like him a lot, and it was cool.”

Jones will battle Daniel Cormier January 3 at UFC 182, and Anderson Silva will face Nick Diaz one pay-per-view event later at UFC 183 on January 31.

Only time will tell id these two warriors really took anything away from each other .. a front kick, more swinging elbows perhaps? Or perhaps both fighters will remain with their game plan – don’t fix what isn’t broken.


It’s great to see two giants so relaxed!

Just finished a two hour sparring session with the #goat @spideranderson

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Jones having fun on Instagram!


That moment when dreams become reality


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A little contest fun for the fans!