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Big Names In MMA Are Preparing An Announcement


Something is about to go down in MMA and it promises to change the game forever. According to a press release sent on Monday, a lineup of high-profile MMA names will participate in a media conference call on Wednesday, where they will make an “industry re-defining announcement”.

The names include former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, lightweight title challenger Donald Cerrone, middleweight Tim Kennedy and others.

There are no concrete details on what the announcement will be. However the general assumption is it will be something related to the creation of a union.

Bjorn Rebney the founder, former Chairman and CEO of Bellator, will also be present.


In the past months, Georges St-Pierre and Donald Cerrone expressed their opinions to the media about the need for a union. TJ Dillashaw has questioned the UFC and its contract policies more than once. St-Pierre, Velasquez, and Dillashaw share representation by Creative Artists Agency, a rival of the UFC’s new owners, WME-IMG.

David Viggiano of O’Malley Hansen Communications stated he was recently hired by several clients – whom he declined to name – to reach out to the media about the call. However, he said that all the information about its subject will be revealed during the call. The conference call takes place Wednesday, 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Announcement about the Professional Fighters Association

In recent months, the Professional Fighters Association attracted interest from many fighters. The organization has ambitious goals in terms of:

  • An increase in base pay, so everyone gets a minimum of $25,000 per fight,
  • Comprehensive health insurance, to protect the fighters’ families,
  • An experience-based pension system, so fighters can receive money according to the number of fights in their career,
  • A drug policy with a “mutually agreed upon testing procedure,” penalties, specific drugs tested, and an “equitable appeal and resolution process.”
  • A procedure for resolving disputes between the promoter and fighters that involves an independent arbitrator. Because currently, fighter’s don’t have protection against their employer,
  • A share of revenue, including a share of the ticket sales, TV and pay-per-view money, and merchandise.
  • Agreed upon weight classes, so fights are more even and fair,
  • A ranking system independent of the UFC that determines fighter matchups, so top contenders get their title shots,
  • A “fighter board” that evaluates officials,
  • A “rehab allowance” that provides medically suspended fighters a $2,000 monthly stipend to support themselves while injured.