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The Biggest Cancelled Fights In UFC History


The biggest card to date in UFC history just took a blow. Not a big blow as the fight that had to be cancelled was not on the main card. Let’s be honest, nobody was dying to see Rashad Evans fight Tim Kennedy anyway. It was still an interesting bout and we will have to wait to see if it actually happens at a later date.

Today we wil go down memory lane and remember very interesting fights that were cancelled and never rescheduled. A few of them might still happen but at least not in the near future. Chances are, the divisions never allign in that form again for said matches to be possible.

In the last 18 months almost 15 main-card fights were postponed and a few of them cancelled. We will focus only on the cancelled bouts. And list the fights in no particular order. Therefore we shall begin with one that could still take place.

Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson

Jones-Johnson Cancelled

Jon Jones was scheduled to defend his belt in a bout vs Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 in May of 2015. However, less than a month before the fight, Jones was involved in a hit-and-run incident and was pulled from the fight and stripped of the title. Johnson then fought Cormier for the vacant light heavyweight title and lost.

Jones vs Johnson is a fight we could still see. Anthony Johnson faces Daniel Cormier in a rematch for the belt next month in Canada. If he were to win, he might be inclined to wait for Jones’ return. Assuming a trilogy fight versus Cormier is not deemed necessary.

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