BJ Penn cleared of sexual assault charges.
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Details Inside: BJ Penn Officially Cleared Of Sexual Assault Charges


UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn has now been officially cleared of sexual assault charges that were thrown at him last year. BJ Penn was accused of assaulting a former employee of’s girlfriend. It has been announced that there is not enough evidence to convict him. These allegations were even announced via Twitter by the employee named Alex Pedro Carrasco.

Bj Penn has had a lot of obstacles in his return to the UFC because of injuries and violations. He last fought in May 2014 against Frankie Edgar. Penn still wants to return as a featherweight even though the weight cut did not go well last time.

It seems that Penn still wants to make one more run to another title. If Penn is able to do this, he would be the only fighter in the UFC to win a belt in 3 different weight classes.

Another thing is that Penn is 37, so this could end up being his last run to the top. With all of the legal issues behind him, this will be an ease of stress for him for sure. Penn also understands the IV rule that USADA has and plans to live by it.

It is good that Penn is now cleared of these charges. Hopefully we will get to see him matched up soon against an opponent in the featherweight division. Regardless of who he fights, fans from all around the world will be awaiting his return.