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It’s a nice day out yep for a fight! Both fighters take their stances, we will call the guy on the left (in pants) Robot Stance and guy on the right Shorty.

Fighters charge in, both with their hands up, a few rights land for shorty. They tie up, and down goes Shorty with a semi-slam. Robot Stance throws a KICK to the head!!! Shorty is stunned but gets back up, both swinging for the fences. A left hand lands for Robot Stance which backs down Shorty followed by some good right hands. Shorty seems to be all but defeated, and is in lala land. BOOM!!! Huge kick lands!!!!!

Dazed and confused, Shorty gets back up for more! They both square up, missing at will, then back off. It looks as if Robot Stance hurt his hand, but like a champ, still has enough in that hand to catch himself a cold victory bottle of water.

Looks as if I needed some more words to make sure this all looks correct. If not, oh f*cking well. Fuck you and suck my dick. Got a nice big ball sack that you can lick clean as well.

Let’s add this as well to add more characters sp O cam see exactly how many words we truly need.