Brendan Schaub To Travis Browne: “Mad Because I Dated Your Girl?”

Former UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub, has responded to an Instagram post by current UFC heavyweight and boyfriend to Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne.

Browne posted a picture of him pounding on Schaub in their UFC 181 fight, with the caption “What a satisfying night when you shut someone up with your fists!”

On the recent Fighter and the Kid episode, Co-host Bryan Callen brought up Browne’s Instagram post to Schaub, who dated Rousey for a brief time a couple of years ago. Here’s what Brendan Schaub’s response was:

“Is there hard feelings because I dated your girl years ago? Is that your world? Just move on man. I don’t give a fu*k. I’m just glad he got a break from folding Ronda’s laundry to post. Either way man, listen, keep my name out of your mouth, it’s over. I have zero hard feelings, I’m in my lane, you’re in your lane. Just worry about Cain Velasquez.”

The topic comes up at the 13:40 mark of the podcast below


Brendan Schaub retired from fighting in the UFC after his UFC 181 loss to Travis Browne. He claimed he was not happy with losing a lot of sponsorship money, due to UFC’s outfitting deal with Reebok. As for Travis Browne, he’s set to face Cain Velasquez at UFC 200 on July 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nearly two tears ago, on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Schaub had this to say about his failed relationship With Ronda Rousey:

“Believe me, I did her a favor man. I’m not the guy for the job. I’m just not. I’m too much (of a man). She needs a guy who’s gonna take a backseat. That’s not me. She also needs a guy that’s gonna say ‘yes ma’am, yes ma’am’. She’s so successful, she’s surrounded by people that worship her and go ‘yes, yes, that’s a great idea’. But when I said ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea,’ now I’m a hater. I have no financial gain from you. I don’t need anything from you, I’ve earned everything myself.”