Cat Zingano Says Shes Not Fighting Cris Cyborg

The once hot rumor of a women’s bout between former bantamweight title contender Cat Zingano vs. the debuting Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino has been extinguished by Zingano herself.

The news was revealed by Zingano during an appearance on last night’s edition of “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, which was also revealed on the show’s twitter account in a post as seen below:

“Not sure who Zingano will be fighting next, but she says it will NOT be Cris Cyborg.”

Zingano did though mention to the show’s host Ron Kruck she already has a fight lined up.

“I’m not looking past this opponent – this is a very, very valid opponent, and it’s going to be an exciting fight, and I’m super stoked for what you guys get to see. I can’t be the one to break the news. But I’ll just tell you it’s going to be epic, and it’s going to be the beginning of the summer.”

Its a bit intriguing to think of who could she be fighting. Could it be Amanda Nunes? Or Holly Holm? one thing is for certain it won’t be newly crowned Miesha Tate because UFC wants her to have a “tune-up” fight since she hasn’t in over a year.

Being that I’ve had a year off, they really want me to come back and have a tune-up fight,” Zingano said to Kruck. “The fight that I want the most, clearly, is Miesha. Seeing her win that fight (against Holm), and in the fashion she won that fight, definitely put a fire in my spirit to want to get back out there and fight her. When I blew my knee, I had just beaten Miesha, and Miesha off a loss to me was still handed my title shot. So I don’t really think the logistics of coming off a loss, or this or that, especially in this case, should really be stood by. But the UFC is going to do what they’re going to do. Obviously, that’s the fight I want.”

You can’t blame the UFC for not giving Zingano a title shot right away to someone coming off an extended layoff, that’s really hard to justify. Arguably the most deserving of a title shot against Tate is Amanda Nunes but that’s a discussion for another day.

The last time we seen Zingano she suffered a quick 14-second submission loss to then-women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey at UFC 184 in Feb. 2015.

Zingano has went on record many times saying the loss was devastating and embarrassing. Stepping away from MMA for a year to heal her mind and body was the right Call for her because of everything she has gone through the past few years from a severe knee injury to the death of her husband and throw the Rousey loss on top of that.

Prior to the loss to Rousey, Zingano sported a perfect 9-0 MMA record, with wins in the UFC over Tate and Nunes.

At least things are clear for Zingano and she has a fight in the upcoming months but things aren’t as known for Cris Cyborg.

Even though Cyborg has competed in Invicta FC her last 4 fights shes  technically under contract with ZUFFA. There was chatter recently that UFC was strongly interested in her making her debut at May’s UFC 198 card to help sellout that event since its in a soccer stadium.

With that rumor came the talk of a potential fight with Zingano at UFC 198 but since Zingano has shot that fight down there’s really nothing new that has come up for Cyborg and if she will still fight at UFC 198.

The talk of Cyborg and her potential UFC debut has been an ongoing thing for years. Many wanted her to make her debut against Ronda Rousey but things changed when Rousey got beat. There’s no need for Cyborg to endanger herself and suffer to make 135 lbs since the mega fight with Rousey is off the table.

Could the UFC utilize her still? i believe so. They could use her for 140 pound catchweight fights or they could create 145-lb division for her. Shes a star and fans have been wanting her to see in the UFC for a long time.

Sure she could stay in Invicta FC and keep defending her featherweight title but sometimes it gets old seeing her beat up opponents not on her level.

The UFC is a business and they love making money so why not have Cyborg debut sooner rather than later? Shes a crowd pleaser and provides entertainment. She’s a name that will help sell events especially Brazilian events.

Everyone has waited long enough for Cyborg to make her UFC debut so lets hopes it happens in 2016.