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Chuck Liddell: “Jon Jones, If You Have A Problem With Me, Call Me!”

Chuck Liddell is a UFC Hall of Famer and one of the biggest superstars to ever enter into the sport of MMA. He talks with Inside MMA(as shown in the video below) about the beef he had with Jon Jones and was wondering why Jones was saying all this stuff about him on social media. This is what Liddell said concerning Jones’ actions on social media:

“Jon Jones, if you have a problem with me, call me! You have my number.”

Liddell also answered a question about coming out of retirement to face Jones at Madison Square Garden.

“If he keeps talking crap about me and posting stuff on social media, sure!”

Liddell is not looking to keep beef going or looking to fight anyone, but if he does end up fighting somebody, he will just do it. He did a face-off picture just for show at a UFC event when he saw Jon Jones and they both ended up scaring Dana White. Liddell explained what was going on.

“Dana thought we were going to start fighting. If I am going to fight somebody, I’m just going to hit them. I’m not one to get in their face and act all puffed up.”

Liddell for sure has nothing to prove, but still has that warrior spirit. It would not be the most logical thing for him to come out of retirement, but if it meant fans seeing Chuck Liddell just one more time, it would be a big seller.