Dana White To Give CM Punk Inexperienced Fighter For His Debut

Unlike Brock Lesnar, former WWE superstar CM Punk will not face a former UFC champion in his eventual debut. Instead, UFC president Dana White plans on setting him up with a fighter who’s likely got 1-3 pro MMA fights.

Here’s what White told ESPN about the situation:

“He wanted to fight here. He wanted to give it a shot, so we gave him an opportunity. It’s not like Brock Lesnar. We’re not going to throw the kitchen sink at him. Lesnar had a wrestling background. [CM Punk] is going to fight a guy who is 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 — something like that.”

Considering the fact that CM Punk — Real name Phil Brooks — has had no previous MMA fights, matching him up with another fighter who’s fairly inexperienced is a good move.

If the UFC attempted to give CM Punk a more seasoned veteran fighter, which ever athletic commission overseeing the fight would possibly reject giving CM punk a fight license to compete in the fight.

CM Punk himself seems to have a realistic perception of things and knows he’ll have to get a few fights in before he can start taking on the higher-level fighters in the UFC.

It’s likely that CM Punk will fight at middleweight, with a small chance he competes at welterweight. It appears that the UFC is going to have to seek a fighter that’s currently fighting in a smaller promotion to be the man who steps into the Octagon with CM Punk.

The UFC has a great relationship with RFA, which is ran by Ed Soares, Anderson Silva’s long-time manager. It’s possible the opponent for CM Punk could come from there, or another organization.


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