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Cody Garbrandt: “I Smell Blood All Over That P***y”


The co-main event of UFC 207 has the other bantamweight title on the line, and animosity between champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Cody Garbrandt keeps growing. In an interview on the Fight Society podcast, Cody said that Dominick knows he is going to lose and is already thinking about the next step in his career.

“He’s got that job at FOX, good for him, he’s a good commentator. But he’s getting ready for the next chapter of his life, it’s evident. He knows. He knows that he is getting ready for the next chapter of his life without the belt. When you’re thinking of that already and you’ve got a savage in front of you like myself, that’s been grinding to take this from you, grinding so hungry – There’s that saying, the wolf at the bottom of the mountain is more hungry than the wolf at the top.”


He would then make some comments about himself and his meteoric rise to title contention. Contrasting with what he considers the sunset of Dominick’s fighting career.

“He just can’t fathom that I went from unranked to fighting him in the same year. I went from unranked to world champion. He’s about to lose it all. He’s feelings the pressure. He’s talking all this s**t, he knows that his time is up. He’s already getting ready. You see his posts about how he didn’t need the belt, he realized he didn’t need the belt to be happy, so he’s getting ready for that next step. I can applaud him for that, he’s getting ready to step down and give me my belt. He kept it polished for me this whole year. I’m very thankful for that. He took care of it and I can’t wait to give it to Maddox.”