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Compilation Of Funny Street Fights


This compilation will make your jaw drop! From a gas station guy losing his pants while getting his ass kicked to a girl street fight and someone getting knocked the fuck out.

Have your video rolling at all times. You never know when mother fuckers be wildin out. Your car may be the victim of a broom beating.

Wow that would suck shit to be that convenient store worker that has to clean up the mess after a fight breaks out. You got people using the wet floor sign trying to beat someone’s ass with it. Come on now what kind of damage is that really going to do? lol.

Street turns into a boxing match for the sixth clip in. Nice crowd turn out. Those are some big boys throwing those blows.
Head butts are always the way to get things started! Fucks with a mans mental game. Your head may hurt for just a second but it is all worth the reaction of the recipient.