Image via: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

Conor McGregor Has A Hilarious Reaction To Chad Mendes’ Suspension

Chad Mendes was recently handed a 2-year suspension from USADA and when Conor McGregor heard about it, he wasn’t shy to speak his thoughts on the matter according to Fox Sports.

“I wonder was he on that stuff when we fought. One thing I know for sure (though), you can’t put steroids on your chin”

McGregor has already beaten Mendes in the cage, but one can say that McGregor has now dished a beating to Mendes verbally. After getting finished by McGregor, Mendes was knocked out by Frankie Edgar (primarily known as a volume puncher) in the first round. It is certain that McGregor’s comment about Mendes’ chin and steroids has to at least sting a little.