Photo via: Marla Brose/Albuquerque Journal

Cop That Cited Jon Jones Has A Lawsuit On Him Because Of A DWI Arrest Of An Epileptic Man

Jason Brown, the Albuquerque officer that pulled over Jon Jones just barely, could be in trouble for a traffic stop he made last year. Gary Martinez was apparently having an epileptic seizure while driving and then became unconscious. Brown then came to the scene where Martinez was and began sobriety tests. The officers that were there found nothing to indicate that Martinez had been drinking and tests later came back that he was not on any type of illegal drugs either.

Because Martinez was on parole for a previous crime, he ended up spending two months in jail until the charges against him were dismissed. Martinez is now filing a lawsuit because he believes that it was negligent for the officers to arrest him and it was against his constitutional rights.

Jon Jones did not have the best attitude in the footage when he was recently pulled over, but neither did officer Brown. This incident with Martinez could be a good indicator of Brown’s character. The future shall tell us if officer Brown will be facing charges with his negligence of Martinez last year.


MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi did some digging into the incident, and discovered this important piece of information that was left out of the KOB 4 report: