Daniel Cormier Reacts to Jon Jones Failed Drug Test

UFC light heavyweight, Daniel Cormier has offered his thoughts on the shocking news that Jon Jones failed a drug test for cocaine, in a test conducted by the NSAC, last month. Cormier and Jones fought this past weekend at UFC 182 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The champion ended up retaining his title with a unanimous decision victory.

MMA Junkie reached out to Cormier and got the following comments:

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t change the result of the fight. It’s more sad than anything. It doesn’t make me feel better to have lost against a guy who was doing drugs.

According to Cormier, he was not aware of the failed drug test until Tuesday evening, like fans and media. He was then asked if he would have still gotten in the Octagon with Jones, even if he was aware of the drug test failure.

Here was his reply:

“I don’t really know. Again, this stuff is all so fresh, I really don’t know. I’m just kind of taking – there’s no thought or anything. I don’t really put much thought into it. I’m still kind of thinking about the fight.”

And in regards to what he’s been doing since the loss:

“It’s lay down in bed and think about the fight over, and over and over again. It eats at me. I see everything he does; I see all of his social media jabs at me and everything. And I welcome them, and I will use them as motivation to rebuild myself. I’m very aware, but very disappointed, in the fact that I didn’t accomplish this goal.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission claims it’s not against the rules to use cocaine ‘out of combat’. That statement has many fans and media shaking their heads. Many fighters have been suspended and fined for having Marijuana metabolites in their system. A drug considered far-less harmful than cocaine.



The UFC issued this official statement on the situation:

“We support UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ decision to enter a drug treatment facility to address his recent issue. While we are disappointed in the failed test, we applaud him for making this decision to enter a drug treatment facility.

Jon is a strong, courageous fighter inside the Octagon, and we expect him to fight this issue with the same poise and diligence. We commend him on his decision, and look forward to him emerging from this program a better man as a result.”

The UFC is capable of issuing Jon Jones punishment for the failed test. They can suspend him and fine him.

The fact that they’re content with Jones attending rehab is disheartening. It doesn’t look good on the #1 MMA organization in the world if they don’t treat the issue more seriously.

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