Watch Casey get kicked in the face.
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Video: Watch Cortney Casey Fake Getting Kicked In The Face


Claudia Gadelha faced Cortney Casey last Saturday and there was controversy once the crowd was able to watch the replay of Casey getting kicked in the head.

Casey ended up covering her face after the kick and the replay showed that the kick just barely grazed the top of her head. Gadelha was clearly not intentional in kicking a downed opponent in the head, but Casey’s hand was still down when the kick was thrown.

If you look back to the very first bouts of the UFC, there are horrific injuries that can happen with strikes to the face and head of a downed opponent. Even Pride allowed kicks, knees and stomps to the head of a downed opponent. It is good for the sport that those types of strikes are not aloud anymore.

Gadelha went at Casey at a ferocious pace throughout the fight and it is possible that Casey flopped and acted like it was worse to get some resting time.

Gadelha ended up winning the fight last Saturday and was not deducted a point for her actions. The video of the controversial kick that took place on the next page.

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