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Crazy Street Fight Involving Crazy Redneck Women


It is uncertain what makes a fight intriguing between two women that are rednecks. Maybe it is the Jerry Springer classic scenario, maybe it is the accent, but the fights just somehow are just that much funner to watch. In the featured video, there is quite a bit of hilarious profanity back and forth before they finally engage.

Once each of them engage, there is hair-pulling, butt-crack and plenty more swearing to go along with it. Both people in this video look like traditional soccer moms and this is one of the reasons that this fight is quite hilarious.

On the next page, the video has both of them going at it with everything they’ve got and they do not hold back. Unlike MMA fights, there are no rules and this is what makes the fight even better. Technique goes out the window from the start and the anger just keeps escalating as the fight goes along.


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