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Cris Cyborg Goes “Buns Out” In Her Latest Twitter Posts


Cris Cyborg is one of the most destructive forces in Women’s MMA and will blitz other women until they are unconscious. She has been undefeated for years, but recently went to Twitter to show her softer side off.

People such as Dana White and Joe Rogan have made comments about Cyborg’s looks and referred to her as ‘manly’. Even though Cyborg has broad, muscular shoulders and big arms, she does have her beautiful side as well.

Cyborg has been guilty of using PED’s in the past and Ronda Rousey has always been quick to point that out. However, since Cyborg has joined the UFC, she has not tested positive for anything.

Cyborg has made it down to 140 lbs a couple times in the UFC and nearly kills herself in the process. Cyborg is also a curvy woman as well as muscular, so it is not easy for her. On the next few pages, Cyborg expresses herself in a beautiful way on Twitter.

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