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Video: Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino Dances In A Sexy Golden Outfit


Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino is known as arguably the best female fighter in the world. She trains as hard as any male fighter and has been on a winning streak since basically the start of her career. Cyborg also knows how to have a good time and she once danced on stage in a sexy golden outfit.

Cyborg gets a lot of negativity from fans because of her appearance. She is muscular and strong, but very feminine as well. It is sad that the MMA community is so negative to such a great fighter. Cyborg has some violent finishes in her career and she is fun to watch.

Justino has fought in the UFC at a catchweight of 140 lbs. Cyborg’s most natural weight class would most likely be at 155 lbs with her frame. She is easily the size of Conor McGregor. She has stood next to other fighters such as Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar and she towers over them.

It will be exciting to see who Cyborg fights next. Hopefully Ronda Rousey is down to fight her one day because that bout has been speculated about for years. Until then, Cyborg will just take any fight that she can get, but sucking weight at 140 lbs just leaves her in agony during the process.

On the next page is the sexy video of Cyborg dancing in a shiny golden outfit. It was quite a show that was taking place and it looks like Cyborg is having the time of her life.

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