Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos broke his silence following his devastating loss to Michael “Venom” Page at Bellator 158 last Saturday. The longtime MMA veteran suffered a fractured skull after being hit by a flying knee from the British fighter. He had some choice words for his opponent regarding his post-fight celebration.

“Page is showing to be a douchebag,” Santos told MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz who visited the fighter a few days after he left the hospital. “He doesn’t respect his opponents before after the fight. He’s using bad people as influences.”

Page (11-0 MMA; 7-0 Bellator) created a viral video when he used a Pokemon Go-themed routine to celebrate his victory. The unbeaten fighter went to his corner and put on a Pokeball-designed hat then rolled an actual Pokeball at his injured opponent.

“He could become a celebrity with his talent and look up to other athletes,” Santos continued. “This generation looks up to (Conor) McGregor as an influence, and it’s not what being a competitor is about. Throwing things after the fight. Honestly, he’s a clown. The way he behaves is not how a champion should behave.”

Cyborg (21-18 MMA; 1-2 Bellator) was considered a step up in competition for the young Page and he was giving Page all he could handle in the early portions of the fight using his grappling. Then Page hit the flying knee, which abruptly ended his night.

“Page proved he’s a great athlete, a skillful striker. He doesn’t have a good ground game, and that’s what I was planning on working on in the fight.”

Santos’s injury was one of the worst the sport has seen in recent years. Page and Santos’s former spouse, UFC fighter Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino shared a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical bills although Bellator announced they would take care of it themselves.

Despite the nature of the injury, Santos only spent a few hours in the hospital and appears to be fine.

“It’s only a fracture, it didn’t hit my brain. I’m fine,” Santos said. “I didn’t even stay in the hospital. I was there for five or six hours, and then I came back to the hotel. I couldn’t fly back to the United States on Sunday, but I’ll have surgery in the United States. I’ll be back soon. Thank God I had no brain damage. I didn’t feel dizzy or anything like that. I wasn’t knocked out. I felt the pain due to the fracture. It was superficial, so it’s fine.”