Dana White: Conor McGregor Likely Gets Next Title Shot

Conor-Mcgregor-1UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s last win in the UFC Octagon has now skyrocketed him to the attention of Fans and the UFC Brass alike. We’re not going to pretend his win over Dustin Poirier wasn’t impressive.

Reading the McGregor/Sanchez tweets, to me, has a Chael Sonnen vibe to it. Conor is talking his way into his next fight, and why waste time with a #17 ranked lightweight .. no, Conor has likely talked and fought his way to a shot for the Featherweight Title.

You’re next kid.

Acccording to Dana, Conor McGregor would fight the winner of UFC 179’s featherweight title bout between champion Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes.

Dana has already confirmed Conor will be in attendance October 25th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Championship fight. This is no doubt to hype the next matchup (wink).

Dana White: “Here’s the thing: If you go down the list, every one of those guys has fought Jose Aldo already. Conor hasn’t. So who do you line up next for the champ other than Conor? Everybody else has fought him.

Other fighters also in the mix, but also already lined up with fights are: Cub Swanson & Frankie Edgar (November), Ricardo Lamas & Dennis Bermudez (November) and Chang Sung Jung.

About McGregor’s tweet suggesting the Irishman’ll jump to Lightweight to face Diego Sanchez at UFC 180 .. Dana said he denied the request, unequivocally.

Dana, “So Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I went to dinner with him last night, and he said he wants to fight Diego Sanchez in Mexico at 155. I said, ‘You’re nuts. No way, we’ll get you a fight. You’ll be fighting soon enough.’ The kid just wants to fight,” he said. “He said him and Diego have been talking back and forth for a while and he wanted to fight him. We basically told him no and he went out and put that on Twitter anyway.”

So what exactly is next for Conor McGregor? Two things we do know for sure: it’ll be BIG, and it’ll be SOON!