Dana White Open to Talking to CM Punk About Fighting in UFC

UFC president Dana White has revealed that he’d be willing to talk to former WWE superstar, CM Punk, about possibly fighting in the UFC.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Dana White and asked him about the possible return of Brock Lesnar, prior to asking if he had any interest in CM Punk. Here’s what the UFC president said:

“He is a big (MMA) fan and I like him very much. He’s a great dude. I don’t know if he can fight or anything like that, but sure, I wouldn’t mind talking to CM Punk.”

CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu white belt under Renner Gracie and has been training under Gracie since 2012. Apparently Punk has claimed he’s not interested in official belt rankings and is content with being viewed as a white belt for life.

Punk was disgruntled and riddled with injuries when he abruptly took a break from working with the WWE. He was eventually fired from the company for refusing to report, and recently claimed he got the official paper work of the termination on his wedding day.

CM Punk is currently 36-years-old and could likely draw a lot of interest from fans if he was to sign with the UFC. However, it’s not likely an athletic commission would grant him a fight license to compete in the UFC without having any previous professional fights.

There’s many smaller organizations that CM Punk could join to get a professional fighte under his belt before making the jump to the UFC, but only time will tell if he’s legitimately interested in the challenge.

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