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Dana White Reacts To Donald Trump Elected President


UFC President and known Republican supporter, Dana White took it to social media to express how he feels about Donald Trump elected as President. Not a lot of people know this, but Dana credits Donald Trump for helping him build the UFC.

White says Donald Trump played a key role in the rebirth of the UFC. Times were tough when the UFC was struggling to get back on pay-per-view and cleared by athletic commissions. Donald Trump welcomed the fight promotion to his Atlantic City casinos with open arms after new rules were put in place and the commissions began licensing the UFC again.

Dana at GOP for Donald Trump

This forever endebted White to Trump. Which explains Dana’s trip to the GOP convention this year, where he publicly supported Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

“I think that sense of loyalty and commitment will translate into how he will run this country,” White said. “And let’s be honest folks, we need somebody who believes in this country, we need somebody who’s proud of this country and who will fight for this country.”

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