Dana White Reveals Leslie Smith Was Only One Who Wanted Cyborg Fight

Yesterday, the UFC finally broke the news that many of us media already knew, that Cris Cyborg will be debuting at UFC 198 in Brazil. There was speculation that the woman who was going to welcome Cyborg to the UFC was Cat Zingano, however, it turns out it will be Leslie Smith. Smith is fresh off her second UFC win of her career, as she defeated Rin Nakai at UFC Fight Night 85.

According to UFC president, Dana White, Leslie Smith was the only women who wanted the Cyborg fight, and actually begged for it. There’s a chance that some of the top contenders in the women’s bantamweight division didn’t see an upside at taking a 140lbs catchweight fight with Cyborg. There was a fan that actually sent a tweet to White assuming that Smith was just a sacrificial lamb for Cyborg, but White then sent a tweet back clearing up the confusion.

It was a brave step that Smith took in wanting to fight Cyborg. What is amazing is how stacked the UFC 198 card is already, but to add this fight to the card just makes it that much more exciting. The oddsmakers will most likely heavily favor Cyborg, but Smith is ready to give it her all during the most important fight of her career.