Image via: UFC/ZUFFA LLC/Getty Images
Image via: UFC/ZUFFA LLC/Getty Images

Dana White Uncensored – Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of ‘Dana White Uncensored’, a feature that highlights some of the UFC president’s best responses on Twitter.

One of the things UFC fans adore about UFC president Dana White is his witty comebacks and sometimes harsh responses he gives to people who verbally attack him, or the UFC, on the popular social networking platform.

It’s important to mention that Dana is not ‘cyber-bullying’ these Twitter users. He does not go on Twitter looking for random fans to insult, he only gives a negative response to those who initiate the personal insults and attacks on him, or the UFC brand. The following Tweets are from October 4th, 2014 – November 10th, 2014.

[alert variation=”alert-danger”]Warning- The following Tweets may contain foul language [/alert]

For the first entry, Dana simply uses one term to address a fan who was upset with a minor sound glitch during a live weigh-in stream.

Something tells me that Dana won’t be taking this Twitter users advice anytime soon.

Any fighter who makes it to the UFC is in no way shape or form a ‘bum’, Dana defends his fighters in the following Tweet.

Apparently this Twitter user doesn’t feel the UFC is doing a good enough job to make their product available to everyone, something Dana disagrees with.

This response appears to have lead to the person deleting their Twitter account entirely, but when he who has zero followers leaves Twitter, does anybody notice?

Dana White may have a lot of say when it comes to what happens with the UFC product on FOX, but what channel prelims and main card’s are on is evidently not something he controls.

Claiming the UFC is dying due to their pay-per-view buys will fetch you one of these kinds of insulting responses. (Twitter user has since changed profile photo)

And my personal favorite of this edition of ‘Dana White Uncensored’.

This concludes the inaugural edition of ‘Dana White Uncensored’. More episodes will follow in the future. Remember, hold yourself accountable for the words and energy you put out on social networks, it will usually come back to you.

Depending on how frequently Dana White has to deal with internet trolls and disgruntled fans will determine how often an episode comes out. Thanks for reading!




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