Cruz left a message for Garbrand't gf.
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Details Inside: Cruz Sent A Mean Message To Garbrandt’s GF VIA Instagram


Dominick Cruz has continued to add to the beef between him and Cody Garbrandt. Garbrandt’s girlfriend posted the picture of Dominick Cruz getting submitted in the WEC by Urijah Faber. Cruz then decided to comment on her Instagram and left her a message.

Of course Garbrandt was not exactly ecstatic about Cruz leaving a message to his girlfriend and he left Cruz some angry messages after that. Cruz and Garbrandt are scheduled to face each other at the end of the year on December, 30th. This bout has definitely reached the markings of a grudge match. Cruz has hit Garbrandt on quite a few personal levels when it comes to trash talk and Garbrandt can’t wait to settle this in the cage.

Cruz and Team Alpha Male have a history of beef because of the Urijah Faber trilogy. The beef is continuing with Garbrandt and this grudge match could even be worse. The difference between Faber and Garbrandt is their tolerance levels. Faber can take things and just roll with the punches, but Garbrandt takes things personal and snaps. The other difference is that Garbrandt can hit a Hell of a lot harder than Faber and Garbrandt wants to knock Cruz out cold.

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