CM Punk Discusses Whether or not he Deserves to be in the UFC

Former WWE superstar and newly signed UFC fighter CM Punk recently appeared on FOX Sports Live to discuss his new career. In the interview, he’s asked if he feels he deserves to be in the UFC.

Here was CM Punk’s response:

“Deserve. That is the key word I suppose. I’m not really going to say that I do deserve it. I think time will tell if I deserve it or not. Respect has to be earned, not just given. I very much understand that. I understand the perspective of a lot of the fighters. Some of them are just jumping on the band wagon too and calling names and picking fights. That is what they are supposed to do. That is the fight game and I appreciate that. I will just roll with the punches. I will take all the positives and leave all the negative stuff behind.

I don’t think you can approach anything with such a strong fear of failure that it would prevent you from doing anything. There is a big chance I fall flat on my face with this and obviously it will be in front of the entire world. But that has never stopped me from attempting to do anything. You are talking to a man that crapped himself on national television before, so I’m ready to be embarrassed if it comes to that.”

It’s likely that CM Punk will fight at middleweight. It appears that the UFC is going to have to seek a fighter that’s currently fighting in a smaller organization to be the man who steps into the Octagon with CM Punk for his debut.