Don Frye

Don Frye Predicts the UFC will Settle Class Action Lawsuit Out of Court

Legendary MMA fighter and total badass Don Frye has given his opinion on the class action lawsuit that was filed against the UFC by Nate Quarry, Jon Fitch and Cung Le.

Frye – who’s had tension with the UFC for some time – predicts that the UFC will settle the case out of court by offering a cash settlement.

Here’s what Frye had to say to Submission Radio about the situation.

“All I know about it is what I read on the internet like everybody else. I think once these guys get a paycheck wiggled in front of them they’re going to bounce out, they’re going to to their check and they’re going run.

It’s not going to last. I mean, let’s face it – UFC can litigate you until your great-grandchildren die of old age. There’s no law firms that are going going to take something like that on a percentage basis.

Once UFC tells these guys ‘Hey, I’ll give you $500,000 – $1,000,000 to walk away’ – these guys are going to take it, buy themselves a boat and be gone.

You know, when ever I hear somebody saying they’re doing it for the fighters, I’m doing it for the other athletes, I’m doing it for everybody else, I’m doing it for the little guy – I wipe my ass with that comment. As soon as they get money, they’re going to go”

There is a chance that Don Frye’s prediction could come true. With there currently being three separate lawsuits filed by former UFC fighters, the cases could get dragged out for many years in court.

It’s likely going to cost the UFC millions of dollars in legal fee’s for the court proceedings. However, if they do settle the cases out of court, it would likely hurt their image. Settling out of court tends to make the person settling look guilty of the accusations against them.

If the UFC does decided to go all in and fight these cases until the bitter end, and win – It’s more than likely they’ll be seeking financial compensation from all involved with the cases to cover their legal fee’s spent fighting them.


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