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Edgar Feels Like He Won The First Fight Against Aldo, Welcomes Rematch

Frankie Edgar has battled through tough competition in his past five wins. Edgar has beat nothing but top contenders and has had high-profile fights with BJ Penn and Uriah Faber along the way. It seems like the UFC has promised Edgar a title fight for quite a while, but he keeps getting passed up. With Nate Diaz most likely getting the next shot to fight Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo is another interest that Edgar has. Edgar mentioned how he felt like the last fight was really close.

“All my fights I’ve lost have been very, very close. There’s never been a fight where I’ve gotten blown out, or haven’t been in. I mean, I could even argue, that I think I won that Aldo fight. I outstruck him rounds two, four and five. You know, took him down three times to none. It was a close fight; my first fight down at 145. I think I’ve improved. I’m not looking to fight Aldo yet, I want to fight McGregor for that 145-pound title, but I’d love a chance to get some redemption at Aldo as well.”

If it turns out that Diaz will fight McGregor again, it might be a good thing to have Edgar and Aldo battle it out for the featherweight interim championship. Both fighters are pleading their case to fight McGregor next and this would be a solid determining factor to see who really is the #1 contender for McGregor’s featherweight crown.

Hopefully everything turns out so we can see these fights. It would be great to see the Aldo/Edgar fight and the Diaz/McGregor fight at UFC 200, but that is up to the UFC to make that happen.