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Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson Calls Out 3 Entire Divisions


Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson put on a show in Mexico City at UFC Fight Night 98. ‘El Cucuy’ beat former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos with a dominant 5-round performance. Then he went on to make some bold statements at the post fight press conference.

“My coaches told me I had to kick him in the front shin to break him. So I did and it worked. My people in Mexico needed someone to represent them, I did it, I’m here. I wanted to represent myself and my family very well. I wanted to go out there and give the crowd a show and I hope you guys got exactly what you wanted”

El Cucuy vs RDA

Looking at the face of Dos Anjos after the fight, people can surely say they got a great show. Regarding the fact if he believes he earned a title shot because of his performance, ‘El Cucuy’ said he and his management will talk to Dana and the new owners.

“This is a business and I’m here to win. There are two other divisions that I would love to be able to go into. I made 153 pounds at the weigh-ins, with pants on, I can go down to 145 and kick everybody’s butt there. And I can bump back up to 155 and knockout everybody out and finish them. And you’re damn sure I can go up to 170 and do the same thing. I want to be a multidivision champ.”

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