Teach me how to Dougie.
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Video: Urijah Faber Vs Jon Jones In the ‘Dougie’ Contest


Urijah Faber and Jon Jones are friends that hang out together and have even spent time dancing together. A few years back when “Teach Me How To Dougie” was popular, they had a dance-off with one another.

Jon Jones is currently under suspension for his USADA violation even though it was a case of tainted supplements. Urijah Faber is scheduled to fight Brad Pickett on December, 17th in his hometown of Sacramento, California. Faber’s bout with Pickett could easily be Faber’s last bout.

Jones and Faber are two of the most famous people in MMA today. Urijah Faber may be the best fighter ever to never win a UFC championship. Jon Jones may be the most talented fighter ever, but continues to put his career in jeopardy.

Jones may come back to the Octagon after his suspension. Late summer or early fall is about the soonest that Jones could be scheduled for a bout. Dana White may have him fight for the title again imeediately, but Jones may also have to work his way up again.


On the next page, it contains Jones and Faber competing in the ‘Dougie’ contest and it is quite entertaining. For the ladies, it is two ripped men dancing with their shirts off.

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