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Fabricio Werdum: “Junior Dos Santos Needs To Get Out Of The Closet”


As everyone knows by now, the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn’t clear Cain Velasquez to compete at UFC 207 on December 30 in Las Vegas. However, his opponent Fabricio Werdum wants to stay on the card and says he is willing to fight any other heavyweight.

“We’re waiting. I’m on standby. If the UFC calls me, I’ll fight. I’m ready to fight. If the UFC says they have an opponent, I’ll fight. I’ll fight anyone, like I always did. I always fought the best. My record shows that. If I were afraid of anyone, I wouldn’t be in this sport.”

Apparently, Junior dos Santos disagrees with that statement. He tweeted that Werdum turned down a fight against him at UFC 207. According to Werdum, that’s not true.

“What ‘Cigano’ said was a bit weird. He has been chasing me for a long time. You usually go after the belt, not a fighter. I think that’s weird. I wasn’t offered this fight. He’s saying I turned it down. I’d fight him just to end this story of him chasing me.”


Let’s not forget the history of animosity between both Brazilian former champions. After all, it was Junior Dos Santos who knocked Werdum out cold and got him released by the UFC in 2008.

“Some people think he’s jealous because I became champion beating his ‘dad’ Cain Velasquez, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think he didn’t come out of the closet yet. I don’t have anything against homosexuals, but ‘Cigano’ needs to get out of the closet. He must have something because he won’t forget me. I already told him I’m married. Nothing against gays, but everyone does their own thing.”

The UFC has already announced Werdum will not be fighting this Friday in Las Vegas, as Dos Santos is scheduled to face Stefan Struve on Feb. 19, but Werdum said he’d fight him Friday night if the UFC wanted him to.

“He said something yesterday, he said I’m not a good fighter. I’ll show him inside the Octagon. Put us both in there now, no problem. He thinks I’m that same Werdum from 2007. Look at both of us and see who evolved more. My game changed completely.”