Former UFC Ultimate Fighter Arrested for Rape and other charges.

in August 2013, when UFC held their tryouts for TUF 19 in Indianapolis, a young man by the name of Doug Sparks stood out among other competitors as he wore polar bear ears and proclaimed himself to be a genius. He went by the nickname “Ants in the Pants”.

This past Saturday the ex-TUF competitor was arrested in Bloomington Indiana for allegedly holding a woman against her will for multiple days and and assaulting her repeatedly.

Reported by the Herald Times Online, Sparks has been charged with charged with rape, criminal confinement, battery with bodily harm and theft. He is currently in Monroe County jail.

Sparks, fighting in the heavyweight division with a 7-2 (win/loss) record, made his Pro-MMA debut in 2006, losing to Anthony Lapsley by TKO. His next fight wasn’t until November 2009 where he then went on a seven-fight winning streak before losing his last battle in August 2012.

Sparks’ appearance was very brief .. he appeared in the first episode of TUF 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn, but was quickly submitted by Patrick Walsh during the preliminary round to make it into the TUF house.

When Dough was interviewed he described himself as jiu-jitsu martial artist who got into MMA because he had an “innate drive for violence.” he also was a self-proclaimed genius.


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