frank mir failed test
Image via: UFC/ZUFFA LLC

Frank Mir on Testosterone Allegation: Tainted Kangaroo Meat?

“How do you really guarantee or control what is going into your body” – Frank Mir


Last Friday on the podcast Phone Booth Fighting, Frank Mir opened up to Richard Hunter about his failed USADA drug test.  Frank tested positive for oral turinabol metabolites after his knockout loss to Mark Hunt on UFC Fight Night 85 in Australia.

“I was eating kangaroo while I was there cuz the novelty of just… In Australia, why not? And when you travel, you try new things. Someone had brought up to me that because that particular industry is not really regulated the same as some of the other areas, that giving the animals [steroids], that its not unheard of especially that turinabol is extremely popular in Australia, so as to give it to the animals to bulk them up, so that way that you make more money when it comes time to bring that animal in to be butchered.”

Mir may be going down a rabbit hole with this assertion as kangaroo is not a farmed animal in Australia but harvested wild much in the same way deer is culled here.

Frank then went on to bring up the possibility Chinese imported meat could be to blame.

“They were talking about the meat from Australia, also a lot of it comes from China I’m just kinda like, I shrug my shoulders.  Where do I even begin?”

Chinese meat is a big import in Australia, and there have been cases of the imported meat containing steroids such as clenbuterol.  Although turinabol has not specifically been linked, it could be possible; however, proving that would most likely be a lost cause for Frank Mir.

Frank then points the finger at USADA saying,

“I asked for it to be sent a different lab, and that’s not the case. It gets tested at the same lab. Since I couldn’t be there, they appointed one of the other lab techs as my representative.”

USADA, who rarely catches boxers doping, has somehow managed to catch a plethora of mixed martial artists in its web.  The lab tested and re-tested his “B” sample with no change in the result

This podcast of Phone Booth Fighting is linked below. Drug test commentary is from 30:40 to 42:00.