GSP vs Hughes 2nd Fight
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Full Fight: UFC 65: Matt Hughes vs Georges St-Pierre II


On November 18 but of the year 2006, GSP was looking for revenge and the title. After losing to Matt Hughes at UFC 50, in 2004, St-Pierre finally had a second chance to fight for the welterweight belt.

In the first bout between the two, St-Pierre lost by tapping out on an armbar with just seconds left in the first round of the match. After losing the fight—the first defeat for GSP in the UFC—St-Pierre said that he looked up to Hughes as one of the fighters he admired, which made that first battle difficult.

That would not be an issue the second time around. The two battled for the UFC Welterweight Championship and GSP showed no respecto to his hero in the rematch. GSP came out on top, winning with a knockout in the second round.

St-Pierre pushed the pace early behind leg kicks and the occasional punch as Hughes took his time looking for an opening. At the one-minute mark of the first round, GSP picked the action up more emphatically and put Hughes on his heels with his impressive standup.

GSP vs Hughes Fight II

Two low kicks from St-Pierre halted his momentum though as Hughes was forced to take a short break to recover.

The Canadian kept his focus upon the restart. He went right back to working his faster hands and feet on Hughes. He even tossed off Matt’s first takedown attempt.

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