GSP with Chael Sonnen chatting about a Georges St-Pierre Return to the Octagon

This conversation took place on Chael Sonnen’s new podcast “You’re Welcome” (see link below).

A Georges St-Pierre return to the Octagon is something all MMA fans are hopeful for.

As a native Montrealer, and an MMA fan since the 90’s, long before it was popular, I personally followed Georges from his very first MMA fight with the UCC in Montreal, then onto TKO before his UFC debut in January 2004.

This week Chael manages to get a full 30 minutes of GSP-Unplugged chatting about all kinds of interesting things, including his llife and the long hard road back to the UFC Octagon.

Chael: “Is Georges St-Pierre back?”

I’m training. I always train. I started training since I was 7 years old. I never stop.”

So while Georges dodged the question, in my mind this is a “yes”. Of course once he actually says the magic words, his timing will be perfect – Georges doesn’t do anything that is not fully calculated. In fact, this podcast is exactly what I’m talking about .. GSP is keeping his name in the headlines.

Georges was always known for having excellent cardio and conditioning. His unwavering commitment to the life of a mixed-martial artist and full time devotion to training has been a signature of GSP’s since long before his tenure as UFC Welterweight Champion.

GSP, now out of competition for almost a year, has still been working out and staying in shape. So much so that he’s bulked up to a walking-around weight of 200 pounds.

I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. Due to my training I’m like 200 lbs now.

GSP tells Chael Sonnen a lot of interresting things duing the hour .. they discuss Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Aliens, the Monster Under The Bed, his training regimen, injuries, retirement, Money, the UFC, and the re-invention of a brand we know too well “GSP, the MMA Champion”.

GSP’s last battle in the Octagon was a controversial split-decision win over current champ Johny Hendricks on November 16th, 2013. There is much chatter about an eventual Georges St-Pierre Return .. after this chat .. I know he’s coming back.

Check Out the PODCAST here.


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