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Gunnar Nelson Wants His Teammate McGregor To Stay At Lightweight

Gunnar Nelson is a long time teammate of Conor McGregor and has been one of his training partners for years. Nelson was recently asked about his opinion on McGregor moving back down to featherweight and this was his reply in his interview:

“Yeah I would have liked to see him stay in lightweight. I think that’s the more natural weight for him and I think he would have felt a lot better, you know, felt a lot better before his fights and in the camp and not having to worry about all that major weight cut. So I think it’s more natural for him. But you know, it is what it is, he makes the cut and he does it every time and it doesn’t seem to affect him much in the fight. But you know me, I’m not a big believer or supporter of this type of stuff, these heavy, big weight cuts. I’d like to see it taken completely out and I’d like to see people just going into the fights in their walking-around weight. You know, people just fighting other people that are the same weight, but they’re not cutting the weight. It seems like a dumb situation to me. Because some guy does it then everybody has to do it.”

Nelson doesn’t only just care about McGregor as a teammate, but as a friend also. Nelson will support McGregor moving back down of course, but cares about McGregor’s health. McGregor mentioned in a post-fight press conference that he will most likely defend his featherweight crown next and Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo are the front-runners for that spot. Nelson will face Albert Tumenov May, 8th in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Nelson’s commentary about the weight cut starts at the 7:15 mark.