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This Guy Can Teach The Diaz Brothers How To KO With A Slap


It’s unusual to find someone with such a heavy hand that can put a man to sleep with a slap. In a recent slap contest we might have found the future slapping coach of the Diaz Brother’s. Ok, maybe he won’t be getting that job any time soon, but he definitely could.

The power in his right hand is probably comparable to that of some great UFC fighters. Much as Dan Henderson’s H-Bomb, Roy Nelson’s right overhand, and Mark Hunt’s right uppercut. The famous Stockton Slap immortalized by the Diaz Brother’s doesn’t stand a chance next to this.

Slap out

The footage is from The Inkmasters Tattoo Show Expo in Lubbock, Texas. In this slapping contest we can see two heavyweights go for broke and trade slaps. The first contestant gives his opponent a reasonable sized smack, maybe trying to start the competition off easy.

His competitor doesn’t like to beat around the bush so he gives him a resounding smack, that lands him on the ground knocked out.

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