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Hard Knocks Life Of Fast Food Customer Service


The hard life of a fast food worker. You never know what kind day it’ll be. One customer can change the entire day. The attitudes fast food workers have to deal with are so unpredictable. You can have the nicest people one day and then you could experience what this young lady came across.

They always say “The customer is always right”. Well then, what do you think about this one??
Was the customer in the wrong? Did he take it too far? Who won this fight? What would you have done? Watch the video and let us know.

Unbeknown to this amazing piece of shit, this female crew member at a Mcdonalds, was a former boxer. I can’t believe he acted this way all over a straw? Goodness, what is this world coming to?

At least she got her licks in. Funny as hell watching a young female crew member get seven to ten punches on this grown man. Wow, buddy, you have some nerve.

Everything about this customers actions was so wrong. Messed with the wrong person this day. Glad she beat his face in. He deserved it! I can’t believe this man grabbed her by the shirt like she was a man. By violating her space she had every right to react the way she did.

After realizing nothing happened to the upset strawless man, the lady videotaping took it to the police. Soon after the rude customer was arrested with two charges of simple battery.

So think twice when you go attacking the cashier behind the counter, he or she just might kick your ass. All over a straw, goodness.