Image via: Holly Holm's Facebook Page
Image via: Holly Holm’s Facebook Page

Holly Holm Hoping For Quick Recovery From Neck Injury

Highly decorated striker Holly Holm was set to make her UFC debut at UFC 181 against Raquel Pennington. However, earlier this week, it was announced that she was forced to pull out of the fight due to an undisclosed injury.

It was later revealed that Holm suffered a herniated disc in her neck. Recently, Holm made an appearance on AXS TV’s ‘Inside MMA’ hosted by Kennedy Rice and MMA legend, Bas Ruten to discuss the injury and when she feels she could possibly return to training.

Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s been a couple weeks since it happened. My neck was kind of hurting and I kind of started taking it easy thinking it just needed a little bit of massage, some chiropractics, I tried everything, ultra sound, electrical simulations some trigger point. I tried everything and finally I had no activity in my triceps, and so we figured we probably should get an MRI and I had a herniated disc that was putting pressure on the nerves going down to the arm.

It is a pretty big injury. I really didn’t want to cancel the fight. I got a steroid epidural injection and it’s taken a lot of the swelling down already, the doctors are being very optimistic, I just need to give it some time to rest and let the inflammation come down.”

When Bas Ruten asked Holm for an estimation on how long she thinks it will take for her to recover, here was Holm’s response:

“They said to give seven to ten days with the injection to see if I have any strength coming back and I already feel it coming back. I actually feel, for me, 100% better already, which I can’t go out and train right now. It’s only been since Tuesday. It’s only been three days, so if it’s already actively working now I feel like it’s going to be not too long before I can get back in the gym. But I know right now is a crucial time not to workout, just rest, don’t do anything.”