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The video picks up from a pissed off girl arguing with a male bus driver.
What happens next, I will neevr forget. The two continue to arge, then the girl
pushes, or hits the bus driver. The driver then gets up, stating “youre going to
jail now….youre going to jail now”. POWWW!!! Like out of a cartoon, this man hits
that girl so hard, he sends her into outerspace. How is she even capable of standing?!
This was probably the loudest uppercut I have ever heard!! The girl is persistant
though and continues to try to fight. The bus driver grabs her hair and proceeds
to throw her off the bus, but she gets back on ready to fight! The bystanders are going
WILD over what just happened! The man then put his hands around her throat,
something that he really shouldnt have done and says “she wants to act like a man,
Im gonna treat her like a man”. After the girl gets up from being pummled
She tries to fight back, only to get her hair pulled as they are broken up.
The girl then shouts “youre going to jail, youre going to jail”. The driver then
seems to be walking off the buss, however comes back in the video, sits down(as the girl
is screaming at him about how her boyfriend and dad are going to beat him up)
I find this video a little hard to watch, but an amazed that girl could take that
hard of a punch and continue to fight. Might I say, the girl has a fighters heart?
She took that uppercut like a champ and kept coming! Do you think you could take that
punch?! Ouch!!


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