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Ronda Rousey, the almighty, untouchable Ronda Rousey, who was a heavy favorite
going up against a champion boxer in her own right, olly Holm(+700). Holly had
won several boxing championships including the WBAN title in 3 weight-classes.
Holly had fulfilled her boxing career, and decided to test her skills in the UFC
octagon. Up to this point, Holly was 9-0, and on fire in the UFC, earning her
shot at the one and only Ronda Rousey. Rousey had caused some controversy before this
fight, some saying her time off for doing movies, and not focusing only on MMA
would be a mistake. Well this night will forever cement Holly’s legacy in the MMA
world, as she did the unthinkable and dethroned Ronda. Not only did Holly beat her,
she dominated most of the fight, controlling Ronda, and basically becoming the
untouchable one. This video highlights the night, one that will never be forgotten.
As the action begins, they both start throwing some shots, none of them really
landing, however Ronda lands a big right, probably one of the better shots Ronda
landed on Holly. From there, Ronda pushes the action, only to be practically
thrown off. Ronda composes herself, as you can tell the frustration is there.
A gigantic elbow lands for Holm and there is a bit of a tie-up. The video picks
up at another point in the fight as both throw right hands, then shows Holm picking
up Rousey and a few other highlights, including a slow-mo of that massive elbow
landing on the face of Ronda. A left hand then crushes the face of Ronda, then
showcasing the incredible speed of Holly as she ducks out of the way of a wide
looping left hand from Ronda. This was all but the end for the outmatched,
high exhausted Ronda Rousey. Holly lands a short, strong right hand to Ronda
which stuns her. Getting back up, Ronda leaves herself wide open for a perfectly
placed left head kick that sends her down, and out, stunning the world of MMA as
we know it! A few good shots to the downed “MMA Queen”, and this one is over.
New champ, and Ronda was never the same inevitably losing a couple other fights by
KO, sending her out of the UFC, and MMA for good. Holly’s title reign was very
short lived, as she was defeated by one of the other women who paved the way for
women’s MMA, Miesha Tate. This KO won upset of the year, and if you happened
to be a “Ronda hater” or just wanted to bet on a long-shot, you were pretty happy
with this outcome.


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