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Knockout of The Century
The UFC was booming at this time! every sports bar in America full, waiting for
the next big knockout, or star. This night, was one I will never forget! Jeremy
Stephens vs Rafael Dos Anjos was the third fight on the card. However, one of the
most memorable fights for me ever, over 10 years agao. This night, the main event
was Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. While Lesnar
defeated Coture that night to win the championship, Stephens still made his mark,
as one of my favorite uppercuts of all time! This short highlight video starts off
by showing the -165 favorite throwing a heavy right hand. If you watch closely, he
backs right up into his windup of this massive uppercut, that would probably knock
the head off of any normal untrained human. Jeremy picks his time and lands a crazy,
right uppercut the the wide-open jaw of Dos Anjos, sending him straight to the canvas.
Like the “Lil Heathen” he is, Stephens goes for the kill and follows that up with
another massive shot to the face of Dos Anjos, that finishes his night. He throws
a couple cheap right hands after he is clearly out, but the ref does a great job
to stop it before it gets too out of hand, and Jeremy really hurts his downed
opponent. Although Dos Anjos would recover from this KO, and eventually become
a UFC champion for a while, I believe this KO will forever haunt him. I mean, would
you want to get hit this hard?


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