Anthony-Johnson-1Anthony Johnson Reinstated by the UFC

Light heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been reinstated by Zuffa & the UFC

Tough couple of months for an innocent man.

This week a Palm Beach Florida Court dismissed a domestic case with an order for protection from the mother of Johnson’s children, Belinda Kelly. The case was voluntarily dismissed by Kelly.
We know that on Oct 29th, Kelly appeared in court and “desires to voluntarily dismiss this action”.
Anthony Johnson UFC was suspended two months ago by his employer pending an investigation after his friend Belinda Kelly filed an injunction for protection against domestic violence. From day 1, Johnson and his lawyer have denied any wrongdoing by the fighter.
News of the complaint, the injunction and allegations of domestic violence were first brought to light by the publication, which reported in late September 2014 that Belinda phoned the police, filing a complaint alleging she was receiving threats from Rumble’s friends and that he had physically struck her and knocked out two of her teeth back in 2012.


“The person who filed a civil temporary protection order against UFC contender Anthony Johnson last September voluntarily dismissed their complaint last week in the Florida Circuit Court. Before granting a dismissal of the case, the presiding judge independently questioned the alleging party regarding their voluntary intentions, and thereafter the judge dismissed the entire matter.

“The dismissal of the case, along with an independent investigation that was commissioned by the UFC organization, brings closure to this matter for Johnson and allows him to return to competition in the UFC. As a result, UFC officials are exploring options for Johnson’s next fight to take place early next year.

The UFC issued a statement on Thursday saying the fighter had been cleared to return.

“The UFC organization will not tolerate domestic violence, sexual assault or any other violation of its Code of Conduct. The organization is committed to thoroughly investigating all allegations and taking the appropriate action when warranted.”

We applaud the UFC for taking a tough stance on domestic violence, but why was Rumble suspended in the first place? What ever happened to the presumption of innocence until found guilty? When a guy hits a girl, he bounces immediately, when a girl says “He hit me” you investigate.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, currently 18-4 MMA, 9-4 UFC, is now ranked #5 in his weight class. He most recently fought in July at UFC on FOX 12, where he knocked out Antonio Rogerio Nogueira to earn his 2nd consecutive win since returning to the UFC octagon.

We’ll keep you posted on developments .. in the meantime:




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