Joe Rogan Debunks Pressure Point KO Myth

Long-time Martial Artist and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, was recently asked if pressure point knockouts were something that was legitimate.

Joe Rogan was given his black belt in Taekwondo at just 15-years of age. He became a blue belt in Judo by age 20 and is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu under Eddie Bravo. He also competed in Kickboxing and went 2-1 as an amateur.

Although Pressure Point’s are real, Joe Rogan does not believe you can actually knock somebody out, just by simply touching them.

Many people who’ve claimed to be highly-skilled Martial Artist’s have made silly videos of touching students and having them drop like flies. You can find countless videos of them online.

It’s a really bad precedent these scam artist’s are doing, because if somebody actually tried it to defend themselves, they’d possibly put themselves in ever more danger, and look stupid doing so.

Here was his blunt reply he gave on his official Twitter account: