Image via: TMZ

Jon Jones Arrested For Violating Probation

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, revealed yesterday that he had another run in with that law due to another traffic violation.

Jones seemed confident that the situation was not going to lead to any trouble. Unfortunately for Jones, he’s been arrested for violating his probation, stemming from the incident last week in Albequrque, New Mexcio, TMZ is reporting.

This is not good news for Jones, who’s been in trouble with the law several times in the past few years. Will this be the final straw for him, in regards to being employed by the UFC? We’ll have to wait and see.

Although violating probation is not an offence that’s harming anybody but Jones himself, the constant negative attention he’s bringing the UFC will only be tolerated for so long.

You can watch the full video of the Police officer confronting Jones, last week, right here.