Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier
Images via: UFC/ZUFFA LLC

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Wouldn’t Change Much From Infamous Brawl

The UFC 178 pre-fight press conference brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is still one of the most spoken about topics in MMA. During the UFC on FOX 13 broadcast, both men were interviewed by UFC commentator Joe Rogan and were asked if they’d handle the situation any differently, in hindsight.

When UFC commentator Joe Rogan asked Jon Jones if he’d react the same way, should he be put in the same situation, here was his reply:

“You know what, I think I would have. I’ve been in many staredowns and I’ve never had my throat grabbed. A guy grabbed my throat and I had to stand my ground and let him know that I won’t put up with nonsense like that. So, yeah I think I would do it again.”

When Joe Rogan gave title challenger Daniel Cormier the opportunity to answer the same question, here’s what he said:

“Well, I mean if he were to do that again, yeah. In the knowing that he would have probably come at me, I would have probably smacked him upside of his head instead of just pushing him away from me.

I just didn’t expect him to touch me from the get-go. We do staredowns, he’s right, he’s been in a number of staredowns but he didn’t have to touch me. I wasn’t there to be touched, I was there to do a photo opportunity and Jon just actually took it too far.”

Jon Jones was forced out of that UFC 178 fight with an ankle injury. But the two men won’t have to wait too long to get at each other, as UFC 182 takes place on January 3rd, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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